Vipassana Meditation

Audio Teachings on Vipassana

What is Vipassana?

Introducing what the practice of Vipassana actually means.

The Refinement of Character and Equanimity

Looking at what conditions the mind and working to refine the quality of the mind. With Equanimity we find a way to be with all that we experience.

Why Being with the Feeling is so Important

Discussing the transition from meditating in the body as the body, to the feelings in the body. Feelings are the causal trigger to how we react. This is how we are able to cut off at the root our conditioned mind. And what to do when we can’t feel anything…

Why are we Practicing Dharma?

How much are we prepared to suffer before we give up the causes of our suffering? Consciousness will only ascend when we are utterly committed to purity and virtue, to kindness and generosity.

How our Awareness practice supports our Concentration practice supports our Vipassana practice

How to Deeply Listen to Your Heart

It knows the way out of suffering.