Introducing Burgs

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The Stillness Challenge

Try this 12 minute meditation and see how tuning into stillness opens the door to feeling more relaxed and calm.

Learning to meditate is like learning to swim

At first learning to swim involves a lot of splashing about. Learning to meditate is the same. Once we begin to settle, we start to make friends with ourselves.

What Are The Benefits Of Meditation?

An overview looking at the various ways meditation can help us. Whether we find life difficult, or whether we just don’t feel we are getting the most out of life, Burgs discusses how sustained meditation practice can help transform our experience of life.

Finding The Space To Be

Burgs suggests that finding the space to enjoy the things we like doing in our lives. This may mean doing less, so that we have the space to enjoy these things more.

The Dhamma

Burgs explains that the Dhamma, the Truth, is not a philosophical principle to understand, but is a living principle that is expressing itself right in front of us in everything around us all the time.

Learning To Be Happy

Burgs discusses the difference in our life experience when we are either coherent and incoherent. We can not just make ourselves happy; we are happy as a by-product of how coherent we become.

The Grounds for an Extraordinary Life

Virtue is what lays the ground for a fortunate life. Having this as the basis of our life, whilst being generous and kind to those around us, allows us to flourish.

“To all you young souls out there who are reading this, we have just one message for you.

Go for it. Get out there and grab hold of your life and make it everything it is meant to be. Let it be a testimony to the love and gratitude you find along the way.

This human life is so hard to come by, so rare and so precious. Don’t get to the end of it wishing you had done more. Go and find out what you are really made of so that even if you fail to realise your dreams you will do so doing greatly and never stand amongst those timid souls who know not victory nor defeat.”

“I'm blown away by how profound and ultimately life-changing these teachings are. Burgs is funny, patient and down to earth. I'd recommend this experience to anyone with an open heart and an open mind. Thank you again so much for all your help and work”

— Alice


“Though very rewarding to discover how far concentration and mindfulness goes, it has been when the bigger challenges of life come along that I notice a stability I didn't have before.”

— Tim


“I absolutely adored his sense of humour. He often got all of us roaring with laughter. He is a great storyteller and has many funny stories to tell.”

— Ruki

“I discovered an invaluable sense of stillness and calm which changed my life.  And it could do the same to yours.”

— Anthony


“I have had many years of trying to find the ‘right’ way to meditate and tried many different techniques... I feel that I have found what I have been looking for and I am really appreciating Burgs clarity and teachings.”

— Dani


“Burgs’ extraordinary gift to be able to transmit the essence of such deep and ancient wisdom with such clarity and simplicity is so rare. You are so lucky if you are coming to this work for the first time.”

— Taoist Monk