The Anxiety Programme

15 Lesson Online Course - £60

Anxiety has been on the rise in recent times for a variety of reasons. Whether it be concern for our own health and safety or that of our loved ones. Or maybe it is to do with the fast changing issues that our challenging us globally.

In response to this, Burgs has put together a programme that aims to introduce you to a toolbox of ‘go to’ practices for motivation and guidance.

Still boat on a calm water lake

Teaching you how to navigate yourself energetically.

From the highly mis-organised state of anxiety into a coherent state of calm, composure and relaxation using various tools including meditation, breathwork, chi kung and other energy practices.

Understand and see anxiety from
an energetic perspective.

Learn how to quickly take back control of a situation and bring it back into balance.

How does it work?

  • Hosted on our dedicated online course website

  • Start immediately

  • All sessions are available for you to engage with.

  • Take as long as you want on each lesson. There’s no rush.

  • Each lesson will build upon the previous one, carefully teaching you how to take back control of your life.

  • Email us to ask any questions you might have.

  • Lifetime access. If we ever change the course material, you’ll get the update.

What will I learn?

  • The course will build up the basic premise of what anxiety is from an energetic perspective.

  • Learn to settle and establish a connection to inner stillness and calm to help relieve anxiety.

  • Learn how to manage insomnia and improve sleep quality.

  • Discover how to quickly reorganise your mind into a coherent state and why this can help circumvent anxiety.

  • Learn the benefits of coming into a state of coherence which allows us to enter into a restorative state.

  • Connect to our bodies innate healing intelligence through chi kung and breathwork.

  • A look at how brain chemistry and supplements can help redress the balance you are looking for.

What do I have to do?

  • We recommend practising the practical chi kung exercise and guided meditation at least once a day, 4-5 times a week if you can. Allow yourself time to build this up over time.

  • Gradually build these tools into your daily life. Understand when to use them as needed.

  • Take your time and listen to each session. Maybe review these sessions as needed.

  • Follow the guidance given and get the results you are hoping for.

Is this course for me?

  • Designed for anyone experiencing anxiety. Some meditation experience would be helpful but not necessary.

  • Do you want to reclaim the space back into your life from the stresses and pace of modern living?

  • Springboard yourself into a programme of mental fitness and energetic integrity.

  • The course will help you establish a simple meditation practice at home which will serve you for many years to come.

  • The course will help you learn how simple practical exercises can be of benefit towards reducing anxiety.

  • No previous experience of meditation is necessary to join this course. Basic instructions are given where necessary.

The Anxiety Programme Syllabus

Session 1: Anxiety Is Not ‘Me’
Session 2: Balancing Brain Chemistry For A More Relaxed Mind
Session 3: Crisis Management vs Daily Maintenance
Session 4: Changing Our Default Setting: Becoming Relaxed by Nature
Session 5: Transform your Anxiety Meditation Session
Session 6: Introduction to the Nerve Releasing Chi Kung Exercises
Session 7: Understanding Energetic Coherence: Reversing The Nervous System Out Of A Stressed State
Session 8: Approaching The Psychological Aspect Of Anxiety
Session 9: The Long Out Breath: Decompressing A System That Is Hard Wired For Anxiety
Session 10: Introducing Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)
Session 11: Review: Giving Ourself Permission To Unwind – It’s Alright To Let Go
Session 12:
Facing Our Fears And Dealing With Trauma
Session 13:
Quality Sleep and Technology
Session 14:
Surrender into Sleep Meditation
Session 15:
Summing Up – Learn Your Tools And When To Use Them
Closing Session: A Few Final Words Of Encouragement


Many of us have become overwhelmed with life’s pressures and are struggling to cope in these very demanding times. It’s time to start living life in a more relaxed and positive way.

 The Anxiety Programme

15 Lesson Online Course - £60

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