Other Retreats

Below are shown the various themes of teachings that Burgs has shared over the years.
These retreats are hosted either in person or online. New events will be scheduled throughout the year.

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 Foundations in Vipassana

This retreat is designed for those of you who are confident in your foundation practices and feel ready to progress to the next stage. If you have done one or two retreats already with us and have established a solid home practice then this retreat is your next step.

Intermediate Art of Meditation Retreat
(Level 2)

Having established a solid foundation to your meditation practice, it’s time to explore the body in greater detail. Journeying through the various systems in the body initiates an even deeper healing process.

Vipassana Meditation Retreat

This is a complete and systematic practise of vipassana and is taught over many retreats, building up themes of the teaching bit by bit, over a number of years. This retreat is only held once a year.

Heart Essence of the
Awakened Mind

This is the ‘Mind transmission’ of what Burgs considers to be the pinnacle of all the many teachings and approaches to meditation. Cutting through the elaboration of the conventional mind it points directly to the experience of awakening itself. These are very special teachings indeed and Burgs does not often host this retreat.

Winter Long Retreats

Having taken the time out to learn meditation properly on retreat, and once we have some kind of home practice established, many ask us what’s next. If committed to your practice and willing to take longer periods of time out from daily life, then the answer could be to explore a longer retreat.


Connection to the Sacred

What is Sacred? There are essentially two ways in which we could connect to something that we would consider sacred. The first is very personal for each of us and we seek this through a devotional attitude and an act of faith. The other is through spiritual enquiry and meditation, requiring us to bear witness to our experience and to gradually allow this to show us what lies within each moment.


Towards Samadhi

Samadhi is the Pali and Sanskrit word for the state of total meditative absorption ( also known as Jhana). It is the deepest level of concentration we can reach and the doorway to the higher states of consciousness and insight that remain hidden to us in our ordinary distracted state of mind. As such it is the real basis from which all investigation of the deepest truths that are governing our lives is undertaken. Until we reach that state of Samadhi all efforts to understand the true nature of things will stand upon the need to formulate views and ideas, because we simply are unable to pay sufficient attention to really see for ourselves.


Detox Retreat

The pace of life we demand from our body and mind can leave some feeling exhausted and burned out where once we took life in our stride. It even sometimes leads to the feeling of being overwhelmed by life, unable to engage with even the most simplest of things.

Taking the time out to stop, clear the body of the various toxins which accumulate over a lifetime and then hit the reset button, can make all the difference in being able to gather the energy we need to perform well in our lives, as well as preparing us for higher meditation practice.

Shamanic Dreaming & Vision Questing - Dreaming Wise Owl - The Art of Meditation.jpg

Shamanic Dreaming & Vision Questing

This work will focus on bringing awareness and lucidity to both the dream and deep sleep experience as a vehicle for insight, healing and transformation. We look at how we can start to open to higher and deeper states of consciousness once our meditative stability is established. We will be looking at various ways we can access our unconscious mind and the subtler realms of reality that lie just “Beyond the Veil” of our ordinary perception.


Spiritual Care in Death & Dying

Over millennia religions have sought to help us face our own mortality. In the modern scientific Western culture it is clear that we have little real knowledge of the dying process and what actually happens during death, except as a physical process. This lack of clarity leads to the inability to really know how to support those who are sick, dying or have already passed on. Knowing how to support others can be axiomatic in realising how we can prepare for our own mortality.