Level 2: Healing Meditation

15 Lesson Online Course - £130 (OR 4x £35)

We continue our journey into the body deepening our levels of concentration and mindfulness.

Sustained application and effort brings results gradually over time as the door to wisdom and equanimity starts to open.

Some Reflections on Healing

Audio Insights to Listen to from Home

What Do We Think This Life Is - Part One

Looking at life in terms of consciousness, this subtle current that flows through us and the role meditation plays in keeping this life, this body, in order.

What starts to happen as we meditate more deeply in the body

When we meditate we start by paying attention to the gross aspects to the body - the hardware of our body. As we go deeper into the body, we become more aware of the more subtle aspects to our body - the information side to our body.

What Do We Think This Life Is - Part Two

The first stage of finding our way to peace and contentment is a process of reorganising ourselves energetically enough so some sense of coherence can be experienced where we can start to connect and trust a little bit more in life and its intelligence.

Hand reaching toward sunlight

“Healing happens in the gap between
the flesh and the bone.”

The aim of this meditation course is to train and stabilise the mind so that our meditative experience continues to deepen. The greatest fruits of meditation become available to us as we keep making effort and build up our practice reliably over a long time.

Introducing the 4 Elements Meditation

This practice was widely taught by the Buddha as a way of breaking down the perception of compactness in our experience and to open the doorway to genuine Insight Meditation. It is not often taught these days because it takes time and careful instruction to develop confidence in this practice.

Once we have learned to perceive the body with wise attention, as the four elements of ultimate materiality, the doorway opens to a significantly deeper exploration of material states. It also becomes the basis for the deep absorption practices known as the Kassina Meditations. Both higher levels of Vipassana and Samatha meditation are greatly supported once we have attained a level of competence with this practice.

How does it work?

  • Hosted on our dedicated online course website

  • New lesson each week.

  • Take as long as you want on each lesson. There’s no rush. (minimum time is 7days per lesson).

  • Each lesson will have a guided meditation to follow. We recommend you download this and practice with it whilst offline.

  • Listen to or read the supplementary discourse if you wish. Not included every week.

  • Email us to ask any questions you might have.

  • Lifetime access. If we ever change the course material, you’ll get the update.

What will I learn?

  • Continue the process of learning to meditate deeply within your body whilst further developing the mental faculty of Direct Perception.

  • Opening to a more transformational healing experience.

  • Start to really engage with the teachings that show us how you can further support and develop our meditation off the cushion.

  • Developing stable and reliable perception of the object ( body part ) and consolidating both focused and sustained concentration.

  • An introduction to the 4 Elements meditation practice.

How much should I practice?

  • We recommend practising at least once a day, 5-6 times a week.

  • Guided meditations will average between 30 – 40 minutes.

  • If your time is limited, all of the relevant instructions are included in the guided meditation. So no need to listen to the other material provided.

  • The supplementary discourses and reading material provided are only optional.

Is this course for me?

  • Designed for those who have already completed the Level 0 & Level 1 online courses.

  • Attendance of a Level 1 Foundation Retreat is also necessary. We have wavered this prerequisite during the current pandemic.

  • Anyone who has a committed and consistent home practice.

  • In the initial stages of meditation practice we can make progress swiftly. There is then a period of consolidation where our meditative mind needs to be trained over time so our meditative stability can deepen consistently and gradually giving us access to deeper and more stable states of consciousness. This takes patience and determination.

  • This course aims to train the mind and consolidate our practice in the daily life so we continue to make progress with the refinement of our life experience.

  • Anyone who’s aspiration is to further develop their vipassana practice.

Healing Meditation Syllabus

Introduction: The Journey Continues
Lesson 1:
Skeleton Meditation
Lesson 2: The Spaces Between The Bones
Lesson 3: The Muscular System
Lesson 4: The Digestive System
Lesson 5: The Respiratory System
Lesson 6: The Circulatory System
Lesson 7: Review Week - Reflections on Beginning Advanced Meditation Practices
Lesson 8: Earth Element
Lesson 9: Discerning all the 12 characteristics of the Four Elements
Lesson 10: Water Element
Lesson 11: Fire Element
Lesson 12: Reclaiming Our Consciousness
Lesson 13: Air Element
Lesson 14: Being With The Deeper Experience
Lesson 15: Mountain Lake Sky
What’s Next?: Preparing for Foundations in Vipassana


A large waterfall sits aside a green landscape at sunset

“There will arise in you, when you see what life is, an
extraordinary regard for it, because every day that you
wake up you’ll know that you’re an expression of that
profound mystery and extraordinary thing that is life
and you’ll have nothing but the highest respect
and love for it.”

Level 2: Introduction To Body & Healing Meditation Practice

15 Lesson Online Course - £130 (OR 4x £35)

“Burgs' teachings are powerful, deep and very digestible. I have felt a fundamental difference in just a couple of months of the online course; calmer, clearer and more peaceful.”

— Lara

“Having meditated for a number of years, I really enjoyed going back to basics. I've learnt way more than I expected. This course has changed my approach to meditation.”

— Maurice

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