Online Meditation Courses

The Art Of Meditation offers a selection of online meditation courses. If you want to take part in a meditation class but enjoy the flexibility of doing your practice at a time that suits you, then why not try one of our meditation programmes.

Available Meditation Courses

Our meditation courses can be done anytime, anywhere. Courses range in level, suited to beginners and intermediate, seasoned practitioners. Online meditation courses are broken down into a number of lessons, with a recommended number of weeks in which to complete the course.

You can practise each session as often as you like, repeating sessions or moving onto the next guided meditation at your own pace. Taking an online meditation course has never been easier.

Once you have completed the course you can go back and review it as many times as you like. We suggest you do this to help develop your practice over time.

Level 0: The Stillness Programme

8 Lesson Online Course

This is a Level 0 online meditation course, meaning it is suitable for everyone. Curious about meditation? The Stillness Programme is our step by step introduction to the fundamentals of meditation.

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Level 1: The Art of Meditation

12 Lesson Online Course

This is a Level 1 online meditation course. Meditation is not a science but a profound journey into the deepest aspects of what it is to be alive. The Art of Meditation course is a chance to develop your practice.

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Level 2: Healing Meditation

15 Lesson Online Course

This online meditation course is designed deepen one’s levels of concentration and mindfulness. Practice is a journey where sustained application and effort brings results gradually over time.

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The Anxiety Programme

15 Lessons

Anxiety has been on the rise in recent times for a variety of reasons. This course aims to introduce you to a toolbox of ‘go to’ practices for motivation and guidance, to help you manage anxious feelings. Meditation is but one tool that we use to help engage with and manage your anxiety.

Taster Meditations

Want to get an idea of the kind of sessions that are available?

The Art Of Meditation founder and teacher, Burgs, has created a series of video and audio meditations you can try for free.

These offer an insight into our teaching style and the kind of guided meditations you can expect from our online meditation courses.

Burgs - Dharma Teacher

About Burgs, The Art Of Meditation founder and meditation course teacher

Burgs is the founder of The Art Of Meditation. He shares his teachings, from years of experience, in his regular blog and in the sessions he teaches.

Advice For Meditating At Home

If you are new to meditation or would like some guidance for creating a space at home that will be conducive to your practice, we have created a short guide.

In it, we lay out some of the ways you can set up your home space and decide when and how to practise.

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