The Stillness Programme

8 Lesson Online Course - £40

Curious about meditation? Maybe you’re feeling a little overwhelmed with life’s challenges? Want to learn to meditate?

The Stillness Programme is our step by step introduction to the fundamentals of meditation.

Learn Stillness at Home

Introduction to The Stillness Programme

Try the Stillness Challenge Meditation

Try this 12 minute meditation and see how tuning into stillness opens the door to feeling more relaxed and calm.

What Can Meditation Do For Me?

Approaching meditation with a holistic attitude starts the transformation from being easily upset and agitated to becoming more patient and focused. It’s not just about how to focus on our breath or our body, but about how to become more organised and to look after ourselves.

Learning To Meditate Is Like Learning To Swim

At first learning to swim involves a lot of splashing about. Learning to meditate is the same. Once we begin to settle, we start to make friends with ourselves.

Connecting to stillness

Connecting to stillness is like
learning how to hit the reset button.

When we know how to do this, we know that no matter how crazy life can get, we always know there’s a place where we can just stop, connect to and feel that stillness within us.

Not just for beginners but for those with experience as well.

This meditation course introduces you to the basis for success with all aspects of meditation. With careful guidance from Burgs you will quickly learn to connect to a deep sense of inner stillness and our bodies innate healing intelligence. We also make in-roads on the journey to building your levels of concentration and mindfulness.

How does it work?

  • Hosted on our dedicated online course website

  • Start immediately.

  • New lesson each week.

  • Take as long as you want on each lesson. There’s no rush. (minimum time is 7days per lesson).

  • Each lesson will have a guided meditation to follow. We recommend you download this and practice with it whilst offline.

  • Listen to or read the supplementary discourse if you wish. ( Not included every week ).

  • Email us to ask any questions you might have.

  • Lifetime access. If we ever change the course material, you’ll get the update.

What will I learn?

  • The course will build up the basic A-B-C’s of setting up a meditation practice. We believe this is key to a consistent and successful meditation practice.

  • Learn to settle and establish a connection to inner stillness and calm. This can help with relieving stress, anxiety and insomnia.

  • Learn to develop a supportive meditative attitude.

  • Discover how to quickly reorganise your mind into a coherent state.

  • Learning to come into a state of coherence allows us to enter into a restorative state.

  • Connect to our bodies innate healing intelligence.

  • Learning to Concentrate. Probably the hardest thing to do in the field of meditation, but is also the most rewarding.

  • Deepening into the practice gradually points to the “Awakened State”.

  • Although this course is aimed at beginners, the practice taught on this course is one of the highest teachings in meditation. As such this course is also recommended to those of you who have spent many years practicing meditation.

How much should I practice?

  • We recommend practising at least once a day, 4-5 times a week if you can. Allow yourself time to build this up over time.

  • Guided meditations will begin at 15 mins and gradually develop to longer 25 – 30 minutes.

  • If your time is limited, all of the relevant instructions are included in the guided meditation. So no need to listen to the other material provided.

  • The supplementary discourses and reading material provided are only optional.

Is this course for me?

  • Designed for total beginners with no experience, as well as for those who have some meditation experience already.

  • Reclaim the space back into your life from the stresses and pace of modern living.

  • Springboard yourself into a programme of mental fitness.

  • We all take seriously the notion of physical fitness and we know the profound impact it has on our quality of life. But not many of us think about our mental fitness in the same way. Our mind is the lens through which we experience every minute of every day for our entire lives.

  • Improving your mental fitness will polish that lens, enhancing how you engage with, appreciate and live all the moments in your life.

  • The course will help you establish a simple meditation practice at home which will serve you for many years to come.

  • No previous experience of meditation is necessary to join this course. You may simply be curious and wish to start investigating meditations true potential.

  • For those of you who already have an established meditation practice, this course will help deepen your relationship to the “Awakened Mind”.

The Stillness Programme Syllabus

Introduction: Preparing yourself for meditation
Lesson 1: The Five Key Steps to Setting up Your Practice
Lesson 2: Introducing Stillness Meditation
Lesson 3: Meditation, Happiness and Leaving Our Experience Alone
Lesson 4: Refining Our Meditative Skill
Lesson 5: Meditation as an Act of Surrender
Lesson 6: Settling Our Energy
Lesson 7: Mountain Lake Sky
Lesson 8: Where Does This Practice Really Point?
What’s Next?: A Road Map to Where You Can Go From Here

Starting a meditation journey

Learning to meditate is like going to the gym. The more regular your practice, the fitter your mind will become and the more you will feel the benefit from your efforts.

 The Stillness Programme

8 Lesson Online Course - £40

“For a complete beginner, the teachings are clear and make setting up a home practice straightforward. I have found that my practice has significantly improved.”

— Asa

“The online course has taken my meditation to a whole new level, not just the practice but also my understanding of it. Burgs explains deep principles in an easy to follow way.”

— Maria

“Burgs’ instructions and discourses are fresh, clear and engaging. He has also been quick and generous with his responses to questions.”

— Florence

“I was initially doubtful about doing an online course, but after chatting to someone who had done one of Burg's online courses I decided to try it - and it was fantastic! I would whole-heartedly recommend it to anyone interested in Burg's teachings.”

— Steve

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